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Evolute Tools for Rhino

Evolute Tools for Rhino provide access to powerful paneling and planarisation tools for freeform surfaces with a user friendly interface. There are two plug-ins for Rhino available: the free EvoluteTools LITE and the fully featured EvoluteTools PRO. 


EvoluteTools LITE

EvoluteTools LITE is a free Rhino plugin allowing intuitive design of panelisations using multi-resolution mesh modeling and mesh optimisation.

Meshes can be optimized for closeness to a reference surface, fairness (smoothness) of its polylines and several other goals. No strings attached: unlimited mesh size, no cost and no patents.


  • Multi-resolution mesh modeling.
  • Global and local subdivision rules.
  • Specification of vertices as anchor/corner points.
  • Mesh editing tools
  • Mesh optimization for:
    • closeness to reference surfaces
    • fairness
    • sphere packings
  • Hybrid meshes (mixtures of triangles, • quads, pentagons, hexagons, ...).
  • Modeling and optimization of N-gon • meshes (PolyMeshes).
  • Analysis modes:
    • closeness to a reference object
    • planarity of panels
    • edge length distribution

Download EvoluteTools LITE


EvoluteTools PRO

Proven rationalization tools for complex geometries in buildings and beyond.

EvoluteTools PRO is an advanced Rhino plug in providing access to powerful paneling and planarisation tools for freeform surfaces with a user friendly interface. Established computational tools from Evolute's core software library as well as ground breaking technology from our cutting edge research results provide you with functionality not offered by any other system. 

Feature Highlights:

Designing Panel Layouts

EvoluteTools PRO enables intuitive modeling of panelisations using multi-resolution mesh modeling and mesh optimisations. The tool allows you to use any reference geometry and build upon it a panel layout according to your specific constraints within minutes.

Fitting Mesh Vertices to Planes & Curves

EvoluteTools PRO allows optimising a panel layout towards requirements often occurring in practice. Sets of mesh vertices (usually those in a polyline) can be fit to planes, for example to align them with the floor levels of a building. Additionally, vertices can also be fit to user-defined curves.

Optimising for Planar Panels

When it comes to realizing a freeform surface, the cost of the panels themselves is usually one of the most important cost factors. Regardless if the material is glass, concrete, or metal: curved panels are generally much more expensive to produce and present all sorts of challenges.

EvoluteTools PRO for Rhino lets you optimise a panel layout globally for the planarity of its panels - while keeping all your other requirements in place.

RhinoScript interface

The EvoluteTools PRO Scripting Interface is an effort to make as much as possible of the core functionality accessible for automation using RhinoScript. As many of EvoluteTools' features involve handling individual vertices, edges and faces of a mesh or groups of such elements, there is an apparent need for an efficient way of identifying, accessing and navigating between those elements. This functionality facilitates the export of mesh data for custom analysis or processing and enables flexible generation of structure layouts upon an optimized mesh.


Key Features

Evolute Tools Key Features

Evolute Tools have an excellent Learning Center with many User Guides and Tutorial Vidoes.

Contents of the User Guide include:

Introduction : The EvoluteTools Primer

  • The Motive
  • A Typical Workflow
  • Step 1 : Define Your Reference Geometry
  • Step 2 : Create the “Coarse Mesh“
  • Step 3 : Subdivision
  • Step 4 : Optimization
  • Getting our hands dirty – The first example
  • Example 1
  • Mesh Basics
  • Connectivity and Geometry
  • The Coarse Mesh
  • Connectivity & Singularities
  • Resulting Panel Proportions
  • Where to Begin?
  • Subdivision
  • Selecting the right tool
  • Global Subdivision Tools
  • Local Subdivision Tools
  • Subdivision Examples
  • The Optimization Chapter
  • A Brief Note on Optimization
  • Optimization Options Importance – Global Constraints
  • Optimization Toggles
  • Local Constraints
  • Optimization Examples
  • Getting the Most Out of EvoluteTools
  • An Iterative Process
  • Logical Connections


Technical Details

Technical Details / System Requirements:

Evolute Tools PRO and Evolute Tools LITE are plug-ins for Rhino3d, we would suggest looking at the standard hardware advice for Rhino 5:

Rhino3d System Requirements

There are also some sample build Windows Workstations for Rhino3d Workstations here:

Rhino3d & Rendering Workstations


Basic Specification Requirements:

Rhino 5 for Windows runs on ordinary Windows desktop and laptop computers, with:


  • 1 GB RAM. 8 GB or more is recommended
  • DVD drive or an Internet connection for installation
  • 600 MB disk space
  • OpenGL 2 capable video card recommended
  • Note: Apple hardware is supported only with Bootcamp


Operating systems:

  • Windows 7 or 8 - recommended
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP (32-bit only) Service Pack 3
  • Note: Both 32- and 64-bit versions are installed on 64-bit Windows systems.



  • Service releases downloaded automatically
  • License validation and product registration is simplified


Not supported:

  • Linux
  • Windows NT, 95, 98, ME, or 2000
  • Windows XP 64-bit
  • Mac OS X, but an OS X version is under development.
  • Virtualization systems on OS X such as VMWare and Parallels


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