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Grow Your Fleet of 3D Printers – and Your Capabilities in the Process

Validate your FDM machine ownership and earn either £400 off the Form 3 or Form 3L 3D printer or a free litre of Draft Resin.

Many businesses use both as FDM and LFS machines alongside one another. This can mean the best of both worlds: low-cost rapid prototyping coupled with high quality, functional parts for a wider range of applications.

Here’s how you can save up to £400 off the Form 3 or Form 3L or a free litre of Draft Resin:

  1. Verify Your FDM Machine
    Submit information about your FDM machine directly into the form below. You’ll want to have information such as Model, Make, and Serial Name on-hand. 
  2. Find Out What You Qualify For
    One of our Sales Specialists will be in touch shortly to help you redeem either a free litre of Draft Resin or £400 off the Form 3 or Form 3L. 
  3. Purchase by December 24th, 2019
    Your £400 discount is only valid until December 24th, so be sure to participate to expand your 3D printing capabilities before it expires. (This offer commences on November 1st 2019).

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Formlabs Offer (FDM + SLA)

Grow Your 3D Printing Capabilities with Formlabs

Many businesses use both FDM and SLA machines alongside one another. This opens access to a wider range of applications supported by low-cost rapid prototyping, high quality, functional parts, and comprehensive material formulations. As an FDM user, we're giving you up to £400 off the Form 3 to expand your fleet.

Expand Your Fleet With £400 Off 

Advantages of Using FDM and SLA Together

Improved Surface Finish

SLA is a great option for highly detailed prototypes requiring tight tolerances and smooth surfaces, such as molds, patterns, and functional parts. SLA  is widely used in a range of industries from engineering and product design to manufacturing, dentistry, jewelry, model making, and education and is known for its fine features, smooth surface finish, ultimate part precision, and accuracy.

Access to Applications and Increased Material Selection

FDM 3D printers work with a range of standard thermoplastics, such as ABS, PLA, and their various blends. Engineering materials, such as Nylon, PETG, PA, or TPU and high-performance thermoplastics like PEEK or PEI are also available, but often limited to selected professional FDM printers that support them.

SLA resins have the benefit of a wide range of formulation configurations: materials can be soft or hard, heavily filled with materials like glass and ceramic, or imbued with mechanical properties like high heat deflection temperature or impact resistance. Various resin formulations offer a wide range of optical, mechanical, and thermal properties to match those of standard, engineering, and industrial thermoplastics.

Faster Speed Increases Throughput

FDM machines can print with thicker layers and generally use a lower infill which results in fast 3D prints. FDM also has fewer post-processing steps for simple parts. Depending on the project, this means that prints are ready to use soon after they have finished. This is ideal for applications like rapid prototyping, where it allows users to quickly evaluate success and move on to another print or project.

LFS printing materials such as Draft Resin prints up to 40% faster than FDM 3D printers. With a 300-micron layer height, Draft Resin is accurate enough to meet prototyping needs while enabling faster design iterations. Models that take up the entire build volume of an LFS printer can take up to 20 hours to print in standard materials and may require printing overnight. Printing the same part at 300-micron layers with Draft Resin takes less than six hours.

Grow Your Capabilities with £400 off the Form 3.

Validate your FDM machine ownership and earn up to £400 off the Form 3 or Form 3L 3D printer. 

Verify your FDM Machine 


Rhino Summer School Rhino Head Logo


Join Simply Rhino for our Rhino Summer School - where we deliver free Rhino3d training to educators from Schools, Colleges and Universities.

  • Date: 2nd, 3rd & 4th September 2019

  • Location: University of Liverpool, School of Engineering, Brownlow Hill, L69 3BX

  • Details: We are offering the chance to attend a 3-Day, Rhino Level-1 class which takes place at Liverpool University this coming September.

    • This course is suitable for anyone new to Rhino or for those who want a thorough refresher on all the basics and is being delivered by Certified Trainers from McNeel and Simply Rhino.

    • More details on the Rhino Level-1 3-day course can be found here.

    • Course includes an Introduction to Grasshopper

    • There is likely to be an AEC industry focus for this group




Places at Rhino Summer School are limited and are only open to those who fulfill this eligibility criteria:

  • Rhino Summer School is available to Full or Part Time Teachers / Lecturers or Support Staff within Education
  • Please note that Individuals who offer private or commercial training are not eligible

We ask those eligible and who would like to join us to fill in a short application form and pay the £25 + VAT course registration fee:

  1. Please fill in the application form here
  2. Please pay your class registration fee here   

Please ensure you fulfill the RSS eligibility criteria displayed above before applying for a place.


You will be contacted as soon as your application is approved and full course joining details will be sent to you.

Should you be eligible, apply and a place not be available you will recieve a refund of your registration fee.


BIM workflow in Rhino with VisualARQ and Grasshopper


VisualARQ is a Flexible BIM solution powered by McNeel’s Rhinoceros 3D.  

These 3-hour workshops will introduce you to the main tools VisualARQ adds to Rhino for developing an architectural project inside Rhino, producing the 2D documentation drawings and delivering a BIM model for other AEC applications...


What will you learn?
  • How to work with parametric architectural objects
  • The Level and Section manager that let you work and organize the model at different levels and sections
  • How to produce 2D drawings from the 3D model
  • How to generate dynamic BIM objects driven by Grasshopper (also known as “VisualARQ Grasshopper styles”) with unlimited options of design
  • How to automate many modelling tasks through the VisualARQ components built for Grasshopper 3D
  • How to add custom data to geometry and list in schedules
  • How to deliver BIM models and collaborate with other tools through the IFC import / export capabilities
Who should attend?
  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Engineers
  • Constructors
  • Urban Planners
  • Renderers
  • Architectural Modelers
  • Those wishing to rapidly create technical drawings from their Rhino models
Who is delivering the workshop?

Your trainer is Francesc Salla. Francesc is an architect who graduated at the ETSAV (UPC) in 2008 and joined Asuni in 2010. Francesc is the Product Manager of VisualARQ and Lands Design, the two main products of Asuni.

When? Time? Where? How to book?

The workshop will take place on Wednesday 8th May 2019.

The 3-hour session will start at 09:30 and finish at 12:30.

The workshop will take place at the Simply Rhino Training Centre in Bethnal Green, London. Directions to the training can be found here.

Please click here to sign-up for the workshop. We’ll email you to confirm your session.



Shape To Fabrication 2018




Shape To Fabrication is our popular biennial two-day AEC focused conference.

Shape to Fabrication looks to cutting-edge technology, innovative construction & applications in architecture, design, engineering & construction. 

2018 will see the 7th iteration of Shape to Fabrication and will feature projects and presentations from leading studios, innovators and makers.

  • Shape to Fabrication takes place on April 24 & 25th 2018
  • Tickets are on sale now - go to to buy yours
  • Announcements on the STF7 line-up are coming soon
  • Ensure you sign-up to the Shape to Fabrication community to be the first to hear



From the STF archives:

Joseph Walsh Studio - Joseph Walsh & Miroslav Hlava

In 2016 Joseph Walsh and Miroslav Hlava presented for us on day two of STF6. The presentation focused on two projects in particular, The Verona Project and Magnus Celesti.

The Verona Project, commissioned for a medieval private chapel near Verona in Italy, focuses on the creation of two sculptural shelves, (each of which are almost 8m long) that will incorporate 14 tall glass oil lamps. 

The title, Magnus Celesti, derives from the Latin words Magnus (‘Large' / ‘Great') and Celesti (‘Heavenly’). This series of work presents an opportunity for Joseph Walsh to address the relationship between form and function, as well as the artists' challenge to encourage viewers to see and experience a piece from different perspectives.


Arup - James Griffith

At STF 6 James Griffith of Arup presented “If we could design a million buildings in our sleep…” - Parametric analysis at the cutting edge of glass design. 

Automated manufacturing techniques have driven façade panels to myriad of complex shapes in recent years. This is particularly noticeable in glass, where curved or angular geometries are now commonplace in high profile projects. Such a transition requires engineers to not only have detailed knowledge of structures and materials, but also be able to develop digital tools to rapidly analyse and investigate schemes.

In this presentation, James Griffith explores and demonstrates the benefits of delivering this combination on recent glass projects in Arup. By developing detailed parametric structural analysis tools, rapid input to geometrical and materiality decisions can be provided at early stages of the design and incorporated into a full exploration of design options.


Michal Piasecki

Michal’s 2016 Shape to Fabrication presentation was divided between two of his long-term parametric projects: is a start-up with a mission to digitize the furniture industry. All of Tylko’s pieces are made on-demand with cnc machines. Parametric design with grasshopper is at the very center of the company. It enables data drive feedback and iterating products on a daily basis to optimize for users expectations as well as manufacturing and shipping conditions;

Microlattice series developed for Joris Laarman Studio contains three 3d printed chairs where functional conditions are addressed through parametric cells.



Visit the Shape to Fabrication website for more information on previous STF conferences and to join the STF Community!


Grasshopper UK User Group Meeting

Wednesday 13th December 2017 - London

Grasshopper logo

  • How to join the meeting: The Grasshopper UK User Group Meeting is free to attend but you must register (see below) for your place as space is limited
  • Date: Wednesday 13th December 2017
  • Time: 18:30 - 20:30
  • Location: Heatherwick Studio, 356-364 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1X 8BH (Map)

Register for your place at the Grasshopper meeting at Heatherwick Studio here.

Presenting at the meeting:

Heatherwick Logo gugm


Heatherwick studio will present two projects covering the topic of designing, making and collaborating through computational tools.

Heatherwick’s Geometry and Computational Design team will go through the computational processes behind design and making in the studio concentrating on two projects, Vessel in New York with a focus on driving the geometry and Al Fayah Park in Abu Dhabi with a focus on Form Finding and working with collaborative tools.



akt2 logo rgb 28 

AKT II have extensive experience in collaborative computational design. They have developed a suite of tools which allows them to react to client changes more efficiently and have a complete control of database tracking, allowing optimisation of structural performance and cost.

AKT II's presentation will explore a series of examples where this new approach was experimented, tested and improved, the Al Fayah Park in collaboration with Heatherwick studio and the 2016 serpentine Pavillion with BIG, and more.

Thanks to Heatherwick Studio for kindly hosting this Grasshopper UK meeting.  

Images courtesy of Heatherwick Studio.


If you are not already a member of the London-UK Grasshopper3d User Group and would like to be then you can sign-up here:
Join the London-UK Grasshopper3d User Group



Make Your Mark 2017


mym banner


  • The UK's biggest careers event for apprentices and students of jewellery and allied trades
  • Get inspired, seek advice from experts and make the most of the networking opportunities
  • Packed programme of talks from leading trade figures alongside live demos and exhibitors

We'll be joining design and manufacturing company Wax-Masters at Make Your Mark.

Visit us, learn about Rhino3d and see the Formlabs Form 2 SLA 3D Printer in action.

We'll show you how through CAD design we can help take your design concept though to a finished piece.

See you there!

Find out more about Make Your Mark Event

Book your place at Make Your Mark 2017 


VR for Rhino User Group Meeting

We’re looking to bring together a group interested in meeting in order to network, discuss and explore Virtual Reality solutions for Rhino.  

At each meeting there would be at least one presentation from a customer with experience in this field, all followed by group discussion and informal pleasantries. 

Our first VR for Rhino User Group Meeting date is set for Tuesday 10th October 2017 in London and we hope you can join us.


VR - Image credit Mathew Parri Thomas VR - Image credit Mathew Parri Thomas


The meeting will commence with a presentation from Grimshaw Architects:

Grimshaw has a history of using VR in an architectural setting, including early adoption of the Oculus Rift as a fully dynamic environment, and subsequently Samsung Gear headsets for more static experiences.

Over the past year, we have been increasingly looking at using VR beyond a presentation capacity, and integrating the technology into the design process. To date this has largely been looking at using VR for design reviews through Prospect, with the hope of progressing to a modelling platform via applications such as Mindesk, and eventually developing our own tools to leverage the most from VR.

The presentation will show our experiences and progress using VR and Rhino, from early exploration for presentations to a more established review-oriented workflow.


VR - Image courtesy of Grimshaw Architects VR - Image courtesy of Grimshaw Architects


Following the presentation from Grimshaw there will be a group discussion on the following topics:

  1. How best can we format these meetings?
  2. Should we invite specific developers or hardware manufacturers along to contribute?  Who would you like to see?
  3. Who would like to present their own VR for Rhino experiences in the future?
  4. Would anyone like to volunteer to act as host for a future meeting?
  5. Shall we continue to the pub? 


We hope to see many of you at this first meeting, please don’t forget to let us know you are coming by registering for your place - see above. This is important and will enable us ensure space for everyone!

Last, but definitely not least... 

Thanks to Softroom for supporting this initiative and hosting this first VR with Rhino UGM 

Photo/Image Credits:
Top Left / Top Right - Courtesy of Mathew Parri Thomas
Bottom Left / Bottom Right - Courtesy of Grimshaw Architects

Decoding Craftsmanship II is organised and hosted by Joseph Walsh Studio.

It is the second event in a series of seminars and workshops that explore how emerging technologies can enable a new form of maker culture.

Decoding Craftsmanship I - March 2017 Decoding Craftsmanship I - March 2017


  • Decoding Craftsmanship II takes place from the 21-23rd September 2017 at the Joseph Walsh Studios, near Cork, Ireland
  • The event consists of a 2-day Rhino Workshop (21-22nd September) and a 1-day Seminar (23rd September)
  • Rhino trainers Phil Cook and Sean Cowell (Simply Rhino) and Vanessa Steeg (McNeel) will be delivering the 2-day Rhino Workshop - view the Rhino workshop outline
  • The workshop is perfect for designers working in such areas as Furniture design, Product design, Marine design, Jewellery design, Interior design, Sets & Props and Architecture
  • The 1-day seminar that follows the workshops includes the following speakers: Humberto Campana; John Makepeace; Gareth Neal; Chris Lefteri; Hans Günther Schnell; Jorg Berchtold; basket maker Joe Hogan and architects O'Donnell + Tuomey


Joseph Walsh Studio - Decoding Craftsmanship II 


Booking is now available - please visit the Joseph Walsh Studio site for more information and to secure your place on the 2-day Rhino training course, the 1-day Seminar, or both.


Simply Rhino presents the Rhino UK User Group Meeting 2017

  • We're pleased to announce that the Rhino UK User Group Meeting will be taking place on Wednesday June 14th 2017
  • Location: The Crypt On The Green, Clerkenwell, London, EC1R 0EA (MAP)
  • Time: 09:00 - 17:00 
  • Watch presentations and get hands-on with live software demonstrations from our exhibitors
  • The event is fully catered with ample breakout times throughout the day
  • We hope you can join us and the wider Rhino community for what is always a sell out day!


The outline agenda for the day is now available    View or Download the Event Agenda Here


Rhino UK UGM Rhino UK UGM Rhino UK UGM



Rhino UK UGM 2017 Event Partners and Exhibitors:

Chaos Group McNeel Formlabs Wacom PNY



Rhino UK UGM Presenters for 2017 include the following:


Harry Ibbs - Zaha Hadid Architects

Harry is the Head of Digital Delivery & Workflow at Zaha Hadid Architects. Harry's presentation is entitled: Rhino Vray Hypothesis workflow. What if?

Harry Ibbs

Arthur Mamou-Mani

Anthony Buckley-Thorp

Arthur Mamou-Mani - Mamou-Mani & Anthony Buckley-Thorp - Flux

Mamou-Mani is collaborating with Flux on an online dashboard created from Grasshopper3D for an exciting new project at ARUP's headquarters. The DNA of Making is a giant cable robot assembling and disassembling several structures over the course of 17 weeks this summer.

Arthur will present the project and show how flux allowed his team to create an online interface for the design.

Anthony will show how to achieve Google-doc like performance from your current Rhino and Grasshopper workflows by sharing real-time geometry and data across devices and time-zones.

Yavor Stoikov - Chaos Group

Yavor Stoikov is a 3D Artist with years of experience in 3D modelling and visualization. Yavor's presentation is 'Parametric, Meet Realism: Real-time rendering for parametric design with V-Ray 3 for Rhino'.

Yavor Stoicov - Chaos Group

Bedir Bekar from Elliott Wood

Ian Shepherd from Elliott Wood

Bedir Bekar & Ian Shepherd - Elliott Wood

Bedir & Ian join us from Elliott Wood, a design led civil and structural engineers. With 20 years of experience and a wide ranging portfolio of projects of differing sizes and diverse sectors, Elliott Wood has a reputation for delivering high quality, award winning, design led structural and civil engineering solutions. 

Bedir is a Senior Structural Engineer and Ian specializes in the design and modelling of traditional and complex geometry building projects. They will present 'Making the Battersea Pump House Pavilion'. 

Bart Radecki - Digits2Widgets

Bart is a CAD Production Manager at Digits2Widgets, an industrial 3D printing, CAD design and 3D scanning bureau in London.

Bart Radecki - Digits2Widgets

Carsten Astheimer
Carsten Astheimer - Astheimer

Founder and Creative Director of Astheimer Design, a world class Transportation design consultancy helping to give global clients a competitive advantage through design: including Bentley, JLR, Airstream and Joby Aviation.

Carlos Perez - McNeel

Carlos is in charge of Sales, Marketing and Business Development for the McNeel EMEA region and is the food4rhino product manager.

Carlos Perez - McNeel

Moritz Waldemeyer
Moritz Waldemeyer - Studio Moritz Waldemeyer

Moritz Waldemeyer is an internationally renowned designer based in London. His work occupies a diverse range of creative spaces, from art and product design through to fashion and entertainment. Moritz's Presentation is entitled 'Shedding a light on parametric design'

Emma-Kate Matthews

Emma-Kate Matthews is an Architect, Artist, Musician and Composer. In 2012, she founded EKM Works; a creative practice which promotes cross-disciplinary work with a focus in exploring the boundaries of innovative technologies. 

Emma-Kate Matthews

Oliver Salway - Softroom
Oliver Salway - Softroom

Oliver trained at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, and graduated in 1994. Prior to founding Softroom, Oliver worked with Ron Arad Associates, notably on projects for the Tel Aviv Opera House and Belgo restaurants, and in magazine publishing with Condé-Nast and UCL.

Daniel Piker - Kangaroo3d

Kangaroo is a Live Physics engine for interactive simulation, form-finding, optimization and constraint solving. Daniel, the developer of Kangaroo, will update us on what's new and what's coming for Kangaroo v2.

Daniel Piker


Breakout times offer the perfect opportunity to visit our event partners who will be available for conversation and demonstrations. If you’d like to make an appointment to see someone this can also be arranged, just let us know.

Chaos Group Logo

Chaos Group will be on hand to show the latest V-Ray 3 for Rhino on up to date hardware around the room - visit and experience for yourself this major new version of V-Ray for Rhino.


Flux Logo

Flux - Anthony Buckley-Thorp from Flux will be presenting on the day and we would encourage you to catch Anthony outside of his presentation to hear all the latest Flux news…


Formlabs logo

Formlabs will be present to show the brilliant Form 2 3D printer, popular with Product and Industrial Designers, Architects, Jewellers and more.


PNY logo       

   SCAN logo

PNY and Scan Computers – The very latest Workstations and Graphics Cards from two market leaders.  Come and see / test the most up to date hardware for Rhino / V-Ray etc.


RhinoCFD Logo

RhinoCFD - come and meet Andrew Carmichael from Cham, the developers of RhinoCFD, Andrew will be on hand to demonstrate the first Computational Fluid Dynamics plug-in for Rhino for Windows.


VisualARQ Logo

VisualARQ - VisualARQ v2 is coming… soon! Meet its developer Francesc Salla who will be in the room giving demonstrations.


Wacom logo

Wacom is a company driven by a commitment ‘to a creative world’. As a technology leader, Wacom is at the forefront of the global market in intuitive and natural user interface technology. Their innovations are widely used in industries from 3D modelling, architecture, automotive and industrial design, animation and gaming development. Wacom’s patented digital pen technology is also used in smartphones, tablets and digital signature solutions. Please contact Jason Walden on +44 (0) 7867 421831 for more information or come see Jason and all the kit on the day!


3dRudder Logo

3dRudder - come and meet with the team from 3dRudder and try out the feet-based VR and 3D motion controller that you can use while seated.




Photo highlights from the last Rhino UK UGM - June 2015.







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